SAN LORENZO SL 86- YatchOf Your Dreams

Wondering what it is? Well, SAN LORENZO SL 86 is a Yatch which has been especially designed by keeping the youth and this new generation in the mind. This Yatch is perfect is you are planning to go on a vacation in sea or want to travel through sea route.

Could be your dream Yatch?

SAN LORENZO SL 86 could be dream Yatch of anyone as it has been built with beautiful fiberglass to give you ready to go performance. This Yatch is the perfect definition of beautiful beast because it hasn’t looks only but speed as well. This Yatch can give you speed of 32 knots and that’s how she is maintaining the legacy of being successor of very popular Yatch SL 82.

However, in comparison of SL 82, San Lorenzo SL 86 is not only wider but longer as well and it has beautiful interior décor which is lash from all modern equipment which can make your journey easier and comfortable. If you have been planning to buy a Yatch or to get one at lease, this Yatch definitely deserves to be at the top of your priority list.

More about SAN LORENZO

San Lorenzo has been dealing in Yatch from years and because of their services to their customers they were able to gain popularity in very short time span. Initially, they use to get customers from European country only but now their collection of Yatch is making people drool over them and they are getting offers from worldwide. Gather more information by visiting the site.

The company was intelligent enough to understand that clients from different countries will have different taste and choices and that’s why they made some changes in the interior. They have made changes in the Yatch layout and now they are offering the choice in deciding the place of gallery. E.g. if the gallery will be placed near crew quarters on the lower deck, then the guest area will seem even bigger.

The length of Yatch is 26.7 m and its maximum beam is 6.35 m. apart from these this Yatch offers accommodation for 8 guest people and 3 crew members and its speed can go upto 30 knots to 32 knots. This Yatch is just perfect for the people of current generation, not only in terms of design but in terms of technology as well. To know more about the Yatch you can visit official site of SAN LORENZO.