How to use tire lettering pen perfectly?

The bikers who are ready for a ride anytime most often also make sure that they keep their ride upto date as well. The bikers keep the tires clean, strong and identifiable. The pens that are used to write on these bike tires come with special ingredients. They are designed keeping in mind the quality and durability which is the basic that is required. The bikers most often write on the tires so that they are identifiable and become attractive at the same time. The letting on the tire can be done by self using these simple steps.

Know what you want to write, the content, font and style should be clear before the use of the pen. Anything that is lettered on the bike can be written with the use of tire lettering pen. The tires have limited areas to write something and thus it is best to predesigned what will go on that surface.

Clean the tire, since the bikes are often used make sure that you keep the tire clean before the use of the pen. Any rough edge should be scrapped off; oil and grease stains should be removed from the tire by using soft cleansers,  run a round of scrub at the end after all these cleaning to make the surface smooth for writing.

Use the pen, the pen should be shaken well before use. The nib should be placed on the tire and little pressure should be exerted on the nib to while you move it. More pressure may result in the damaging of the nib and spoiling of the fonts and the content. Do not use the pen when the nib is dry.

The best results are gained when more than one coat is applied. It is best to wait for 12 hours after the first coat so that the results can be checked. Another coating can be applied after this to get better results. The reflect power should be used when the coat is still wet so that it sticks to the paint. For better shine and luster do not use the bike till the paint is still wet and keep it clean as much as possible. Retouching to the lettering can be done time to time to keep the content updated. If you are doing a bike tire lettering for the first time try using simple designs and small text so that you can have time for rectifying it later.