How To Acquire Canadian Family Visa

People who decide to migrate to another country for better job opportunities and living conditions also wish for their family to be there with them. Migrating alone is not that easy because in order to adjust to a new place one does need somebody he/she knows. Adjusting in a new place in it is a big task and then living alone in a new country is another difficult thing to do. Canada is one such country that understands the importance of family and the role a family plays in one’s life that is why Canadian government offers Canada family visas.

The right of brining one’s family to Canada is only possible if a person has acquired permanent residency or the Canadian citizenship. After acquiring permanent residency a person is eligible to sponsor family member to come, work and live abroad with them. Under the Canada immigration family class visa an eligible person has the right to sponsor the following family members:

  • The spouse, partner or live in partner of the sponsor.
  • Dependent child of that person.
  • Mother or father of the sponsor.
  • Sponsor’s grandparents.
  • A person can also sponsor their brother, sister, niece, or grandchild in case their parents are dead and they are under the age of 18 and unmarried.

How can a person sponsor?

A person becomes eligible to sponsor when:

Canada family visas

  • A person is of 18 years of age.
  • Is a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident.
  • Should be financially stable to support the family members during their stay in Canada initially.


For every family member the eligibility criterion is different like:

Criteria for spouse

  • The spouse should be of above 18 years.
  • Needs to be legally married.
  • Should have a marriage certificate as a proof.
  • In case the marriage has taken place outside Canada then it should be legal according to that country.
  • Should not have committed any criminal offence.

Dependent child

  • Dependent child should be below 22 years of age and should be unmarried.
  • Should be dependent on the parents financially.
  • Should be doing full time study.

Other relatives

  • One can sponsor brothers, nephews, nieces and sisters who do not have parents and are under the age of 18 and not married.

Parents and grandparents

If a person wants to sponsor their parents or grandparents then they need to sign an agreement in which it should be mentioned that the applicant would provide financial support to them in case they become unemployed.

Processing time for the visa

The processing time depends on the nationality to which the applicant belongs.


The Canadian family fees needs to be paid in two stages and it varies from member to member like for:

  • Spouse or partner it 475 CAD
  • For dependent child who is under 22 years of age it is 75 CAD.
  • For family members above 22 years or under 22 and married it is 550 CAD.

These are all the requirements and eligibility criteria for all the family members.