Digital Arts How to Begin Digital Art learning?

The technology has erupted creative designs in digital art by using computers as design tools. It is a fascinating thing to begin learning digital art, not because you can draw images easily but you also can do it faster than the traditional art.

Nowadays, the digital art has garnered so much importance that the techniques of digital art are immensely used by media in the advertisements and movie-makers in giving stunning visual effects.

Hence, learning the digital art can assist you in two ways.  Firstly, you can make it a hobby or secondly, a career to make some serious money.

On setting to Digital Art

The first thing that hits when you think of starting digital art is ‘how to begin digital art?’ Well, don’t worry; we are here to guide you through it. Starting to learn digital art is as same as the traditional art. You neither need prior experience nor ought to be master in traditional painting.

The only thing you need for learning digital art is a digital device such as graphics tablet. However, you can use the desktop if you can comfortably cope up with the mouse.

Using these kinds of digital tools (tablets or PC’s) you can start practicing the digital art classes or courses.

Digital art devices and tools

We suggest you buy the Wacom Bamboo, the cheap and affordable tablet present in the market. This device is formidably stable to use because of its class firmware.

The other important toolrequired apart from the tablet in beginning to learn digital art is a software program to practice on. We are going to give you the two programs which are free and extensively used.

Firealpaca is considered as the easy and stable drawing software for the beginners. The program is so efficient that it is supported in all types of tablets and fascinatingly it never hangs in the middle of your work even if you are continuously working on it for ten plus hours.

Medibang is an interesting tool which suits great for comical art and it can errand as also a regular drawing program. It facilitates to save your digital art directly to the Medibang account.

Aftermath of digital device and tools

Presuming that you have access to tablet and the drawing programs, you can look out for online drawing tutorials.There are a plethora of tools using which you can learn different effects.

Important attributes to learn in digital art

  1. Using paintings and drawings to create the digital image.
  2. Creating fine art or graphic designs by effective using elements in the drawing program.
  3. Learn to reflective and transparent scanners to signify data.
  4. Understand the digital terminology as effectively as the typical artistic people.
  5. Creating the digital image with imagination, to become a creative digital artist.
  6. Analyzing the real-time digital art designed by the other artists.

The careers in digital art

The digital art is not here to entertain but also to provide career opportunities. We wish to share the categories in which you can blossom your career with fine digital art knack:

  1. Graphic designer
  2. 2D/3D animation designer
  3. Digital artist
  4. Video animator
  5. Gaming animator
  6. Logo designer

There are many more career opportunities which you can pursue in digital designing industry.


Digital art is an amazing domain. Most of us miss the jubilant opportunity to rejoice the beauty of it. The only thing you should know is how to begin digital art to onset.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Commit a mistake that is when you learn better. We hope this content helps you to make the right decision and proceed. Feel free to discuss further in the comments.